Since April 2019, one of the primary goals of PrivacyTools has been to promote the creation and use of decentralized and federated networks to replace the centralized giants like Google and Facebook that have taken control of the internet over the last decade. Already we've launched Mastodon and WriteFreely instances with thousands of users, and our Matrix homeserver is one of the largest in the Matrix fediverse.

This week, we're happy to announce another instance in our foray into federated platforms,, an open and curated PeerTube instance that you can use to view videos on any instance in the interconnected PeerTube network.

What is PeerTube?

PeerTube is software you can install on a server that allows you to create your very own video hosting website, a "homemade YouTube" if you will. The difference between PeerTube and YouTube is that PeerTube is not a massive platform centralizing videos from all their users on a single server farm. Instead, PeerTube connects many small and independent video hosting providers, using the same technology as Mastodon and WriteFreely: ActivityPub.

PeerTube is the only video hosting platform that combines open code, federation, and peer-to-peer broadcasting/viewing into a single service, ensuring that the network is completely free and robust, even if your video goes viral!

In an ideal world, every content creator would host their own PeerTube instance and upload their videos there, and every viewer would host their own PeerTube and use it to follow others. Federated platforms thrive with as many instances as possible, and if that is something that excites you, you should definitely check out for more details on setting up an instance.

Our Instance

Of course, there are always users who simply don't have the time, knowledge, or budget to host their own services, and that's fine too! That's why we launched our instance with open registration, so you can join the PeerTube community just by creating an account. An account on our instance will allow you to like, comment on, and subscribe to the numerous videos and video creators on the PeerTube platform.

Of course, since PeerTube is ActivityPub-based, you can actually subscribe with any ActivityPub platform, including subscribing to creators with a Mastodon account:

An account on PeerTube simply gives you a more video-centric viewing experience compared to Mastodon, but you have the option to choose what works best for you!

For Content Creators

We do realize that for video creators, hosting your own PeerTube platform is a unique challenge. Depending on your size, servers and bandwidth can quickly become costly. And even though PeerTube tries to mitigate this as much as possible with Peer-to-Peer video viewing, that cost may still be significant to you.

That's why we are offering free, unlimited video hosting to privacy and technology focused content creators. That's no limit to either video storage or bandwidth, and we believe our infrastructure can handle many, many viewers at high performance to get your content out to as many people as possible.

Uploading to PeerTube is as simple as pasting a link to an existing YouTube video you hold the copyright to, or uploading it manually yourself. If you don't want to upload to PeerTube regularly, please reach out anyways, we can run automated scripts on our side of things that will mirror your YouTube channel for you with very little effort, with your permission.

Techlore is the first content creator to partner with us to bring his YouTube content to the PeerTube network! We're very excited to get his videos out to our community. If you want to experience the PeerTube viewing experience for yourself, check out his channel on our instance.

But maybe you already host a PeerTube instance already, or the idea of setting one up doesn't scare you. Please, reach out to us anyways! We are happy to follow informative non-spammy instances to boost your content on our discover page, and provide instance redundancy to reduce the bandwidth load on your own instance. PeerTube's redundancy controls allow our server to mirror your content, so that viewers will automatically download content from us as well.

Over the last week we've been working with Sun Knudsen, a privacy content creator who recently launched his own PeerTube instance to mirror his YouTube content. By enabling video redundancy with his server, we're able to share the bandwidth load without harming user viewing experiences. Check out his channel for some more great content!

Finally, if you're not a content creator, but you know someone else who would be perfect for the PeerTube platform, please encourage them to reach out!

Our instance will be highly curated: We are primarily looking for content creators who will help advance the message of online privacy and self-hosted technologies, so unfortunately we can't provide accounts for every creator under the sun. But, even if your content isn't quite compatible with the tone of our local PeerTube community, we are still happy to help you find the perfect instance for your content, or help set up your own node in the fediverse.

Final Thoughts

We are very happy to support PeerTube and we believe there is tons of fantastic content to watch on the network.

PeerTube is currently in the middle of a crowdsourcing campaign through the end of this year. They have currently surpassed their target of €20,000 for the month of July and are well on their way to raising their final goal of €60,000 by November.

Contributions will fund the development of many new features coming to PeerTube's future, including additional plugin and playlist functionality, and live-streaming! If you are interested in contributing to the future of federated and Peer-to-Peer online video, please consider sending some support their way.

And of course, if you like what we're doing here at PrivacyTools, consider a contribution to our project as well. The donations of all our fantastic supporters will allow us to continue hosting and promoting great services for years to come!

If nothing else, create a PeerTube account or instance, and get watching :)


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