Hello everyone! As a part of our ongoing server migration we have made the decision to discontinue our Gitea installation at git.privacytools.io. Ultimately this service was used by a very small number of users, and continues to consume too many resources to make this a cost-effective platform to host.

Effective today logins and repository creations will be disabled, and our installation will be made read-only to allow any existing users to download any repository information they need. If you are unable to access any data you need in a private repository, please email me at jonah@privacytools.io.

In 30 days we will shut down the server entirely, and all resources will be completely inaccessible. The server and all related backups will be destroyed shortly thereafter.

We feel that this will allow us to focus on our other existing services and bring new and useful platforms online for our users. We thank you for your support and understanding!

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